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sculpture + installation

“Brynn Dizack’s work imitates the erasure of identity within the context of masses. Their repetitious serial objectmaking reminds us of the dual preciousness and insignificance of existence."

                                            // Laurel Sparks, 2010

​shock value, sensationalism and excess—we accept these things daily, as routine. our popular culture seems to thrive on action, insincerity, greed, and gossip. technology and social media cushion us from ourselves; anonymity encourages us to perform without fear of repercussions. the virtual space we now occupy expands boundlessly, followed by our growing and competitive appetite for performance. quiet is the new queer: my work seeks the simple, the tangible, the visceral, the substantive. i am searching for a way to preserve human authenticity in an age of constant and casual reinvention.

neutral color palettes and materials with transient properties remind us of the devastation and delicacy of impermanence.  in juxtaposition, the stoic weight of water, dirt, and cement relate to our physicality, and our  innate projections of invincibility and purpose.

i am interested in objects and spaces that permit us to access ourselves in the present, free of digital distractions or disguises. we must sustain our authentic selves, remain able to access the instinctual and immediate responses to the physical and tangible, as virtual spaces push us farther and farther from ourselves and one another.

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