teaching + education

i love working with kids of all ages.


During the academic school year, I'm the Assistant Director at Lincoln Extended Day, an after-school program centered on teaching empathy, accountability, and advocacy to young people in grades K-5. I've been working with LED since 2004, when I first joined the program as a teacher. One of my favorite things about working with school-aged kids in this setting is watching them grow up year after year, and apply the skills they've learned.


In the summers, I volunteer with the New Hampshire Teen Institute, an incredible organization that helps kids build and maintain confidence and leadership skills. I'm particularly interested in teaching youth about safe sex and healthy relationships, particularly outside the lens of heteronormativity. I love forming connections with teenagers because they have so much potential, passion, and drive, and they inspire me to push my own boundaries and keep working towards my own dreams and aspirations in fearlessness.


In my thirteen years as an educator, administrator, and youth mediation specialist, I’ve made it my mission to help students recognize and properly manage their emotions, learn strategies for navigating disappointment, and think beyond themselves to grow into valued members of their communities. I’m deeply invested in helping kids build empathy, practice gratitude and develop skills of self-efficacy and accountability.


My experience working both in the public school system and directly with young people and teens over the last decade has shown me that we are doing our kids a major disservice by omitting these values from the classroom. Our national obsession with benchmarks and standardized testing means close to zero time is spent monitoring or guiding our kids' socio-emotional development, which directly impacts their ability to achieve. School is a definitive environment where our lifelong intra/interpersonal skills are developed, and I think we can be better facilitators of this type of learning.