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commercial + spatial design


after finishing graduate school in 2008, i landed every sculpture student's dream job: i spent several years working on the visual display team at Anthropologie. during my time there, i built on my ability to think critically about materials and space, and learned to plan and execute long-term projects effectively. i also learned the skill and strategies behind visual merchandising and spent lots of time collaborating on large-scale rollouts and ideas with a team.


as my teaching schedule grew more demanding, i left Anthropologie but continued to do freelance window design for several restaurants and small businesses here in Boston, as well as  personal, residential, and interior styling and consulting. i'm just good at giving spaces a purpose. i call this side business Lyra Design Collective, because often times i'll tap other local Boston artists and designers to contribute skills or content that aren't my specialty (such as welding, or furniture and textile design, to name a few). this ensures that you get exactly what you're looking for, and because other local artists and craftspeople also benefit, everyone wins.

WHat can Lyra Design collective do?



  • interior design and consulting, for both businesses and residential spaces

  • visual merchandising--effectively display and move product

  • dynamic and engaging window design on any scale

  • large or small space organization and refresh

  • holiday decor and design

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